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Archives: 2013

Archived videos and forms from the 2013 Pathways to Prosperity Conference
featuring Becky McCray


YouTube Video: Part 1 –  Climate:

YouTube Video: Part 2 – Infrastructure:

YouTube Video: Part 3 – Support:

Downloadable form: P2P Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Brainstorm Form

Downloadable form: P2P Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Action Plan

 Goals from 2013:

1. Build your entrepreneurial climate to build your economy.
Value, celebrate, grow and plan for entrepreneurs. Spend your
creativity to improve the climate before you spend dollars.
2. Improve your infrastructure (real estate, utilities, services,
regulation) in old and new ways. Use technology as a periscope
to see what other businesses do well. Local investing can
change everything.
3. Make support of entrepreneurs part of your local culture.
Support: organizations, community partners, interdependence,
youth groups. Build on your local culture and place to export.